Introduction to Kannada

Learning the Kannada Language

This ‘Learn Kannada through English’ course will enable you to speak in Kannada, the native language of the state of Karnataka, India. 

Over 85 Million people speak Kannada and is the 23rd most spoken language in the world. It will definitely serve for ones benefit of learning Kannada when travelling to Bengaluru (Bangalore).

This Kannada learning Video & Audio tutorials course provides you with hundreds of Video tutorials, Audio tutorials and Image cards available as downloads. Using these, even a newbie to the language can learn the basics as quickly as possible – and start conversing from day one!

If you’re travelling to the IT city of Bengaluru (former Bangalore) in the state of Karnataka, then it is very much helpful to learn the language Kannada.

Over 10 Million people reside in the city of Bengaluru and over 60% of them are Kannadigas. The City of Bengaluru was built by Kannadigas, and is now the top most destination for education and work; and, as you might already know, Bengaluru is the Economic Power House of India. 

The Primary language of administration in the state Government is Kannada and English. You will feel very comfortable dealing with the local businesses and public transport etc., when you converse in the local language Kannada.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

This is a Free Course. 

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