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Angular JS 2 Tutorial For Beginners

Angular JS 2 Tutorial For Beginners


In this course, you will learn all the important concepts about Angular JS 2. You will also learn how to start developing WEB APPS easily using Angular JS 2. 


Angular 1 was released in October 2010, and by far the most popular JavaScript framework available for creating web applications. Many developers are already using Angular 1, so the obvious question that comes to our mind is why should we use Angular 2.


Angular 2 is not a simple upgrade from angular 1. Angular 2 is completely rewritten, so it has lot of improvements when compared with Angular 1. Let’s look at a few of these improvements.


For this course we will be using Visual Studio as the code editor. Besides Visual Studio, TypeScript is supported by several other editors like
1. Visual Studio Code
2. Eclipse
3. WebStorm
4. Atom
5. Sublime Text etc., 

Welcome and Enjoy the Tutorials!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Angular 2 00:00:00
Setup and Run
Setting up Angular 2 in Visual Studio 00:00:00
Run angular 2 app using f5 from visual studio 00:00:00
Angular 2 Components 00:00:00
Angular template vs templateurl 00:00:00
Angular 2 nested components 00:00:00
Styling angular 2 components 00:00:00
Angular interpolation 00:00:00
Property binding in Angular 2 00:00:00
html attribute vs dom property 00:00:00
Angular attribute binding 00:00:00
Class binding in angular 2 00:00:00
Style binding in angular 2 00:00:00
Angular2 Event Binding 00:00:00
Two way data binding in angular 2 00:00:00
Angular ngFor directive 00:00:00
Angular ngFor trackBy 00:00:00
Angular pipes 00:00:00
Angular custom pipe 00:00:00
Web and Services
Angular 2 container and nested components 00:00:00
Angular component input properties 00:00:00
Angular component output properties 00:00:00
Interfaces in Angular 2 00:00:00
Angular component lifecycle hooks 00:00:00
Angular services tutorial 00:00:00
Angular and ASP NET Web API 00:00:00
Angular 2 http service tutorial 00:00:00
Angular 2 http error handling 00:00:00
Using Bootstrap with Angular 2 00:00:00
Routing and Injection
Angular 2 routing tutorial 00:00:00
Angular 2 route parameters 00:00:00
Angular dependency injection 00:00:00
Why dependency injection 00:00:00
Angular Singleton Service 00:00:00
Angular Injector 00:00:00
Angular root injector 00:00:00
Angular router navigate method 00:00:00
Promises and Observables
Promises in angular 2 example 00:00:00
Angular promises vs observables 00:00:00
Observable retry on error 00:00:00
Angular observable unsubscribe 00:00:00
Wrap up
Difference between AngularJS, Angular 2 and Angular 4 00:00:00
Angular 2 course wrap up and what’s next 00:00:00

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